#My New WorkStation
Posted on Friday, April 10, 2015 at 3:32 PM \\
0Com ment(s) Written By: Annika

So loving my new workstation i have to update it.. It is a mess indeed but me likeeyyy... hehe..
Basically, my desk is full of sticky note, papers and shit load of rubbish (cleared it! hehe..). What makes me love my desk is maybe my colorful keyboard.. it is so 'rainbow' i die !!

Kidding but yeah.. i love it. So whats on my desk you ask? let see.. I have.. :

1) Computer (for sure)
2) Junk of papers 
3) Sticky notes
4) Suavecito (pomade) stationery place
5) DKNY apple perfume
6) Mirror, Lip balm, tissue ect (i have to make up.sometimes.)
7) Coffee Mug
8) Lotion (V.S Such a Flirt. yumssss)
9) Mini highliter
10) Phone, earphone & cables
11) Lady warrior Lego & mini elephant cable tie. 
12) and other things that should not be mention. (rubbish!)

I still have to make over my desk again since I have no time to decorate it. So fuck it! this is my undecorated, mess, office desk. heehee..