#My New WorkStation
Posted on Friday, April 10, 2015 at 3:32 PM \\
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So loving my new workstation i have to update it.. It is a mess indeed but me likeeyyy... hehe..
Basically, my desk is full of sticky note, papers and shit load of rubbish (cleared it! hehe..). What makes me love my desk is maybe my colorful keyboard.. it is so 'rainbow' i die !!

Kidding but yeah.. i love it. So whats on my desk you ask? let see.. I have.. :

1) Computer (for sure)
2) Junk of papers 
3) Sticky notes
4) Suavecito (pomade) stationery place
5) DKNY apple perfume
6) Mirror, Lip balm, tissue ect (i have to make up.sometimes.)
7) Coffee Mug
8) Lotion (V.S Such a Flirt. yumssss)
9) Mini highliter
10) Phone, earphone & cables
11) Lady warrior Lego & mini elephant cable tie. 
12) and other things that should not be mention. (rubbish!)

I still have to make over my desk again since I have no time to decorate it. So fuck it! this is my undecorated, mess, office desk. heehee..

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Days well spent with them girls.

Day 1

Perjalanan aku, ater, sizzie & beeby nak ke Lanai Matic sangat menggamit kesabaran. dengan sesat berpeluh, hujan pulak. perghhh.. pastu sambung menapak lagi ke ampang.. double perghh..
Setahu aku Rantai masuk selama ni free tapi tidak kali ini. RM2 la jugak. (GST maybe?)

Aku datang pun semata2 nak tengok effie (Pastel Lite) perform. yipeee... sebetulnya, rindu dengan budak effie ni, sembang pun sblum ni kt myspace then lepak kt kitaro. tu pun zaman tok kadok. masing2 dok nangoi2 lagi dengan boyfriend. hahahah...

Akhirnya, dapat jugak dia buat band and going international.. and naseb jugak la dia masih kenal aku.. ekekeke..

Day 2

Hari kedua pulak, ceritanya nak tengok Rainbow Congress. tapi hajat tak kesampaiaan nak tengok Taa perform. Hujan pulak time tu.. sampai pun malam.. Sanggup okay!

And also rakan kolej aku dlu (TEKA) ada buat screening. tak sempat nak selfie dengan wan, bini dia dgn olyn. dan naseb jugak la depa masih kenal aku lagi.. agaggaagag.. Malangnya, screening diorang pun kena cancel. haihh... punya semangat kot nk pi tengok..

So yeah.. Bought nothing yet kami berempat sempat selfie kat sana.. wuuhhuu..

#2014 life
Posted on Friday, August 8, 2014 at 8:48 PM \\
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I guess its a fresh start for me as i got my new career. I am so damn happy with my life now.
Mana tak nya.. tahun lepas aku mampu lepak seberang jalan je tengok hotel ni.. sambil pikir..
'bilalah aku dapat kerja kt sini. Kalau tak dapat kerja sales, front ofis pun jadi laa'
Aku penah apply kerja situ tapi tak mengharap sangat pun akan dapat.. just trying my luck.. so yeah.. aku apply. Berzaman jugak lah tunggu.. aku pikir cam tak dapat.. but what ta heck.. at least i' ve tried.. hmmm...
By end of march, i received a call from that hotel. I was shaking like a dying cow cause i was that happy.. because they received my application as sales person in that hotel.. like homaigoshhh..
But i cant be happy just yet. Its just an interview. Pftt...
So i went for it after so many trial and error getting a job. Dapat pegi interview tgk hotel tu pun jadi laa.. dapat tak dapat blakang cerita.
The interview went so well it almost a dream come true going there and got interviewed by gorgeous sales director. She is so nice and friendly.. i think i did great. Ehheehee..
The day after that i received a call that i got in. Ya Allah.. it really was a dream come true.. to finally have my dream job, 9-5 working hours, my expected salary and not to mention cuti sabtu ahad la wehhh... gaggaggaggag...
Alhamdulilah.. first person i called is my mom. By the sound of her voice i know she was happy and proud of me. I actually cried on that day. Tears of happiness. :')
Meanwhile, some people just cant stop being jeleous of me and still wondering how i got in.. how 'can' i got in.. hahhahhahaha... thats the best part..
And now i'm doing great and enjoy working here with my new family..
Alhamdullilah.. berkat doa mama and rezeki harfie.. :')